7 Local Brokers That Provide Free Forex Education

Immaku.com- 7 Local Brokers That Provide Free Forex Education – Success in the forex business is not something that can be achieved very easily.

Beginners or experienced traders always need to broaden their horizons in order to increase their respective chances of success.

Some forex brokers try to provide free forex education in order to support this continuous learning.

Below, there are 7 Local Brokers that Provide Free Forex Education that you can follow.

1. Broker JavaFX

This broker was founded in 2016 which immediately stands out due to the availability of the MT5 platform as well as an educational Youtube channel.

Get to know PT Java Global Future Youtube broadcasts various free forex educational content and can be accessed by anyone. This one broker also often holds training via webinars.

2. Broker Central Capital Futures

This broker has its own educational institution called the Capital Club Institute which has a training agenda and a Capital Club Dinner on a regular basis.

The insights shared will also be useful for beginners as well as experienced traders.

But unfortunately, access is limited to people who have registered with this broker only.

3. Broker Didimax

This broker includes a local Indonesian broker who is very aggressive in distributing free forex education to all corners of the archipelago.

Free forex education is one of the main advantages they offer, not just daily trading signals.

Beginner traders will be guided through various facilities, one of which is private online and offline trading, as well as Telegram and Whatsapp channels.

4. Broker GKInvest

This broker provides free forex education as well since prospective traders have not joined, in the form of various e-books that can be downloaded easily.

This CoFTRA certified local broker also holds webinars that anyone can attend online via the Zoom application every month.

5. Broker Victory International Futures

VIFX broker provides various forms of free forex education, whether it be in the form of videos, e-books or articles, each divided into beginner and advanced versions.

Victory International Futures is also diligent in holding regular webinar classes every Tuesday and Thursday outside of national holidays

6. Octa Investama Futures Broker

Octa broker only provides trading services with CoFTRA certification starting in 2019, but is already very well known in Indonesia with various competitive advantages that are favored by local traders.

Octa’s trader education program was temporarily postponed in early 2020, but you can get a schedule for the next seminar.

7. International HFX Futures

This broker provides free forex education via weekly zoom webinars. The material has a wide range, such as how to use the Moving Average and Bollinger Bands indicators, to live trading.

The topics of live trading are also varied, for example news trading at the moment of the release of NFP non-farm payroll data and also examples of trading with price patterns.

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