Use Google News Alerts To Get Laser Targeted Traffic To Traffic

Use Google News Alerts To Get Laser Targeted Traffic To Traffic – Website traffic, I guess it is something that You want, right? I also bet You’d like it if the traffic is very interested in Your niche?

You know there is potential prospects out there but how did you find it? I mean, not as if they would shout “I’m here”, right?

There are many methods to find the prospect of warm but the one that I like to Use Google news alerts to get people to tell me they are interested in my niche. Do some quality research first to determine the search terms that are better for Your niche? Use the search tool Google keyword for this

Website Traffic With Google Alerts
This technique is very simple but very powerful. All You have to do is go to Google type in “Google alerts” and click on the link which will say something like “Google Alerts – Monitor the web for exciting new content”

You will be taken to a page that has five squares of their choice:
Search Terms – this is where You type Your keywords
How often – where You specify how often You want to be reminded when You have new results

Volume-I usually use the settings “only the best results”
-Send to the email address You want the sign sent to

Make sure that when You enter a search term in the box search terms You use quotation marks: “this term my search” and then click on the link ‘preview’ and You will be shown the list of search results to Your search word. If You do not use quotation marks You will get website traffic is a lot but it will not be targeted

Once You are happy with the search terms You click on the button “Create alert” and You have Your first warning. You can make a lot of warning for Your niche. I will make a gmail account separate to Your warning because there will be many results come to Your inbox.

How to use this technique to get more website traffic
When Google send targeted messages to inbox you, please check and focus on the coming of the blog post.

For example if someone has done a blog post and in the post they say they would love to properly understand how to set up a Facebook fan page and use it as a lead capture tool (for the purposes of this example Facebook is your niche) you reply by leaving a comment on their post telling them what you can do to help and provide a link back to your website:0)

The techniques of Google news alerts for this place the people that basically ask for Your help right in Your inbox. So now You have a method to get more website traffic and the best is, the traffic is asking for what you have

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