The groom fainted after lifting the bride’s veil on the stage, you will be surprised to know the reason

Gopalganj News: After marrying with pomp, a young man with great ambitions brought his bride home after sending her off. When he reached the honeymoon and lifted the veil of his bride, he was shocked to know that his future leaf is a eunuch. Due to this shock the groom fainted. So right there, now a case has been filed against the bride’s family including the one who got married.

Agni was married as a witness

This case is of Rupanchhap village of Barauli police station of Gopalganj district. The marriage of Arunesh Kumar (name changed) resident of Rupanchhap village was fixed with Rani (name changed) in a village of Sidhavaliya. According to the scheduled time, the procession reached the girl’s place with pomp and all the rituals of marriage were performed. Considering Agni as a witness, the bride and groom also took seven rounds. The bride’s farewell took place and she reached her in-laws’ house. The bride was also welcomed in her in-laws’ house.

The groom fainted after lifting the bride’s veil on stage

In the Tahrir given to the police, the groom now told that his bride is a eunuch and was married hiding this thing. The groom told that he came to know during the honeymoon that his bride is a eunuch, then his senses were blown away. Due to this shock the groom fainted. When he came to his senses, he first decided to hide this thing. But by morning, he could not explain himself and informed the family that his bride is a eunuch.

boy told the truth

When the family members of the boy came to know about this, they were also shocked. He complained about this to the girl’s father. After which the girl’s family members reached the groom’s house with weapons and went away with their daughter and all the other items including jewellery, gifts, found by her. During this, the people of the boy’s side could not even speak due to fear.

The family members of the groom have filed a complaint in the CJM court against the bride’s family including the one who got married after this deception with them. Which has been sent to the concerned police station after the order of the court. According to media reports, CJM told in the court of Chandramani Kumar that citing fundamental rights and the law of marriage on the part of the groom, it has been said that justice should be given to him. His feelings have been played with.

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