How to Subscribe to Netflix Without Using a Credit Card for Free

Netflix Subscription Trick Without a Free Credit Card – Netflix is ​​the most popular video service and movies on demand service. Simply put, Netflix can be analogous to dvd movie rentals, but based online.

Like pay television subscriptions (pay tv / cable tv), Netflix is ​​free of ads, customers don’t have to wait for show schedules, and can decide what content they want to enjoy themselves.

Such services are paid for at a relatively low subscription price. Starting from Rp. 109,000, users can access the collection of movies and television series collected in the Netflix library.

The condition is that the user must have a quality internet network and must be unlimited. Because, Netflix has a streaming mechanism.

So what’s the difference between Netflix and similar services like Google Play Movies, Hulu, and Amazon? First, Netflix is ​​a pioneer in online movie rental services.

Founded in 1997, Netflix provides the most comprehensive film archive with the most areas of operation and has its own original series and films.

At the end of October 2018, Netflix was officially released in Indonesia by providing an Indonesian user interface and subtitles.

In addition to languages, Netflix has finally added 15 Indonesian films to their library. Cool again, this coincides with the release of the first Indonesian film distributed by Netflix, The Night Comes for Us.

Unfortunately, Netflix currently only accepts credit card payments. But don’t worry, this time we will do a little ‘trick’ to be able to register for a free Netflix trial for 1 month.

Free Netflix Subscription No Credit Card

Here are the steps to subscribe to premium services from netflix, without using a credit card, to get updates and premium services.

1. Create an Account at Privacy

Privacy is a virtual credit card service for online payments that is more privacy protected.

Here, we use Privacy as a requirement when signing up for a Netflix trial because as we know that even though Netflix provides a free trial for the first 1 month, you still have to enter your credit card information for billing information.

  • Go to page Privacy and select try privacy for free.
  • Fill in the form with your identity.
  • Finally, you are asked to enter a phone number for verification.

But unfortunately, verification can only be done with a cell phone number in the United States because Privacy itself can only be used in that region. But don’t worry, this is a special trick to get through this process.

2. Get United States Mobile Number

  • Go to page smsreceivefree.
  • Enter the email, then open the email.
  • Later there will be an email from smsreceivefree containing a link to the number option that can be used.

After the Privacy account has been successfully verified, you can proceed to the next step.

3. Create a Virtual Credit Card in Privacy

  • Select the menu New Card
  • Enter Username and card graphic display.
  • Enter Spend Limit (just fill in $1) and choose an option Single-Use because later this is only used to get a 1 month trial. For the next month, just repeat from the beginning.

4. Create a Free Trial Account on Netflix

  • Go to the Netflix page and select try one month free.
  • Choose the package you want, you are free to choose the Basic, Standard, or Premium package because we only signed up for a one month trial.
  • Then fill in your identity form.
  • Lastly, this is the most important. Enter card information that you previously created in Privacy.
  • Done, now you can enjoy 1 month trial of Netflix without using a real credit card.

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Well, that’s the Netflix Subscription Trick Without a Free Credit Card. This method is indeed quite complicated, but it is worth paying for it with a real credit card. May be useful.

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