Roberto Leal Pasapalabra Videos – Narration — August is the month of unbeatable opportunity. A couple of weeks of disconnection from which television programs are no strangers. Specifically, to each and every one of the people who work in them. Possibly one of the most watched faces on public television, Roberto Leal, said goodbye in his own way to the public of ‘Pasapalabra’, thus closing a successful season, being the forerunner of the early morning.

It has been a successful year for ‘Pasapalabra’, Antena 3 and Roberto Leal, who needed to put an end to the progress of the program through a video posted on the presenter’s social networks. In it you can see Roberto Leal accompanied by some individual and private contestants who work to make ‘Pasapalabra’.

Roberto Leal: “It’s time to rest and come back strong”

The presenter invited the well-deserved vacation, but not before admitting that this June period had been “a little longer” than expected. Roberto Leal must be seen with a calendar corresponding to the month of July behind him, which stands out with some drawings that represent the desire for the long-awaited getaway to take place.

“I’m very nervous. We’ve been waiting a whole season, but this month in particular has dragged on a bit. Every day that passed we did an irregular part and as we got closer it turned out to be more like the summer we needed”, said Roberto Leal.

Then, to pay homage to the last day of work, he drew a sun cream container and then tore off the paper and released all the joy for the start of the holidays. In addition, he focused on the companions who were close to him. Despite the way in which Roberto Leal and the rest of the program’s workers are taking time off, ‘Pasapalabra’ does not stop, since he has proactively recorded the programs of the long August slot.

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