Download Latest Old Face Photo Editor 2022 – FaceApp Pro Apk is a photo editing application that can make someone’s face or face become older, younger, and can even change gender as well.

Currently, there is a trend among Netizens who change selfie photos or with their partners to be older, this viral activity is tagged with #AgeChallenge.

I don’t know where the origin of this #AgeChallenge came from, but what is certain is that not only netizens, even artists or public figures in Indonesia are also enlivening it.

Well, for those of you who want to join the #AgeChallenge and don’t know what app to use. On this occasion we will introduce FaceApp.

What is FaceApp Pro?

FaceApp is a photo editor application developed by Wireless Lab that can pamper smartphone users to try the fun in the FaceApp application.

In this editor app you can do multiple photo editors. For example, you can edit photos, where you can do photos in different versions.

Such as photo editing of faces to be old, younger, change the face of men to women or vice versa, smiles and many more that you can choose as you like.

The FaceApp application has been widely used by celebrities in Indonesia to become a #AgeChallenge challenge event.

For how to use this application, don’t worry because the FaceApp application is very easy to use even if you have just used it.

You only need to take a selfie or from the gallery, then you can choose the look you want to use as we mentioned above.

And the FaceApp app has to be upgraded every month so you can use all the features (Pro).

And of course you have to pay fees starting from Rp. 59,000/month, Rp. 289,000/year, or to be able to use it forever for Rp. 589,000.

The price is quite expensive, but what are the features provided by faceapp at a price that is not cheap?

Features of Faceapp Pro Apk


  • Change gender
  • Equipped with AI that can find the best hairstyle and color for your photo
  • Change the age of your photo (To be older/younger)
  • Add awesome tattoos
  • Check out Hitman, Heisenberg filters, and many other surprising transformations


  • Hollywood seflie dengan filter Impression
  • Change hair color and style
  • Apply perfect night or day makeup
  • Find the perfect beard/mustache style
  • Add a beautiful smile
  • Replace the background with one click
  • Use color filters, lens blur, and many other tools

How? In our opinion, the features offered are quite attractive at the price mentioned above.

But there’s good news, if you don’t want to upgrade to the pro version or pay to join the #AgeChallenge.

Because to change the face to be old is already available in the normal version. And this app is free. Just download the application.

Download the Old Face App (Faceapp Pro Apk)

No FaceApp
Size 12.3 MB
System Minimum Android 5.0+

Cara Install :

  1. Download apk file provided above.
  2. If so, install the application then activate the installation from unknown source / Unknown Source
  3. Then, open the app and press the green button that says Agree and Continue
  4. Done.

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How To Change Your Face To Old With FaceApp

  1. Run the FaceApp app and decline the subscription offer to use the free trial.
  2. Tap the camera button in the center of the screen, then tap “Activate” to enable camera access.
  3. Take a selfieOr you can take it directly from gallery.
  4. Tap Guse it, and navigate the filter menu.
  5. Select “Age”, then select “Old.”
  6. Click Apply to save or share to social media with #AgeChallenge to see what your friends think!

Or if you are confused by the steps above, please watch the following video.

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Is Old Face App (FaceApp) Safe?

In addition to the rise of #AgeCallenge, which mostly uses the FaceApp application, it turns out that there are also many news circulating that FaceApp is very dangerous.

Yes, it is dangerous for user privacy because FaceApp can spread, store, and even sell user photos for commercial purposes even if the photos are deleted.

Regardless of whether the news is true or not. The following statement was given according to FaceApp:

We receive many questions regarding our privacy policy and as such, we would like to provide a few points that explain the basics:

  1. FaceApp does most of the photo processing in the cloud. We only upload photos selected by the user for editing. We never transfer other pictures from phone to cloud.
  2. We may store uploaded photos in the cloud. But that’s for traffic performance reasons: we want to make sure that users don’t upload photos repeatedly for each editing operation. Most images are deleted from our servers within 48 hours of the upload date.
  3. We receive requests from users to delete all their data from our servers. Our support team is currently overloaded, but this request has our priority. For fastest processing, we recommend sending a request from the FaceApp mobile app using “Settings-> Support-> Report a bug” with the word “privacy” in the subject line. We are working on a better UI for it.
  4. All FaceApp features are available without signing in, and you can only log in from the settings screen. As a result, 99% of users are not logged in; therefore, we do not have access to any data that could identify a person.
  5. We do not sell or share user data with any third parties.
  6. Although the core R&D team is located in Russia, user data is not transferred to Russia.

In addition, we would like to comment on one of the most common problems: all images from the gallery are uploaded to our server after the user grants access to the photos (for example,

We didn’t do that. We only upload selected photos for editing. You can quickly check it with network sniffing tools available on the internet.

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Thus the discussion about the Old Face Application or Faceapp Pro Apk Photo Editor that we have explained. please download and install the application for free. May be useful.

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