Google AdSense Adds New Enhancements to the user -On occasion this time admin will discuss about Google AdSense adds new enhancements to the user, you need to know.

If You have a website and don’t mind displaying ads associated with the content of Your website, You can get a decent income with Google AdSense. Every time someone click on one of the ads on Your site, You make money. Not bad for not doing anything.

Here are the new enhancements Google has added to
The AdSense Program:

Google AdSense Adds New Enhancements to the user

Channel 1): This used to be difficult to distinguish where the layout of the ad and webpages do your best. Google Added what they call a “channel” to make it easy to keep track of the ad in which the pages of Your site receive most of the click.

To start using the channel, You will need to set they ride from within the control panel of Your Google and then paste the code in the pages of your website. You can set up to 20 if there is a channel and disable them.

You can also select the channel to multiple domains if You run ads they are, to track the performance of each. If You like to test and track, You will like to use the channel.

2) the Report can be downloaded: if You want to easily Track monthly and daily earnings, You can download it the report detailed in comma separated values (CSV) format. This report can be viewed from the inside Microsoft Excel or other spreadsheet programs.

3) Public Service announcement: when Google can’t serve it targeted ads for your website, PSA has already displayed. This if ads are for non-profit organizations. No one paid to click advertising service to the community, so you can ‚Ķhope to not display them at all.

This can be done with the use of colors Ad the alternative. By selecting Your web background color of the page, “PSA’S” will be fused the background is just. You can set different options for each page of Your site or use Your own alternative ads in their place.

4) Page framed: if You use frames in Your site design, You will want to make sure You choose ” framed check boxes page”. By selecting this option You will be tell Google spider to collect the contents of the the frame is correct, thus the ad-relevant ads will appear.

5) Image Ads: If You’re Bored with the present ordinary text ads, You can now choose to display the image as well. Advertising images just like the text ads, because they are suitable for the contents of any page.

You can’t run ads images own, they are displayed in rotation with the text ads. If this options interest You, there are currently four sizes available: Banner (468×60), leaderboard (728×90),
Skyscraper (120×600) and Rectangle Medium (300×250).

This makes You wonder whether Google is trying to make a banner ad” fashionable ” again. At this time, You can not track click of the image ad is separate from Text Ads click thrus.

Image restricted to 50K in size and it should not add to the time burden You too much. * If You will * like test the waters with image ads, You can choose to show them only on certain pages of Your site.

Program Google AdSense is loaded with features and they allow for everyone to “even a little”.guy”) for the benefit of its website. Once the code is entered place, You do nothing while Your site quietly generate revenue in the background.

Imagine, Your web hosting cost is automatically paid each month. Isn’t it time your site is starting to pay its place?

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That’s the discussion about the Google AdSense adds new enhancements to the user, hopefully this information can bergua and useful for all of you.

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