5 Keys to a Successful Business For Beginners

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Business owners are some of the most optimistic, and often the craziest people in the world. Nobody starts a business believe that it will fail. We all really believe that our idea is a big one, that we will succeed (where others have failed) and that this business will change our lives for the better.

If we do not feel like it, we will never take the risk to invest our own money or borrowed from other people for the start of our business. However the fact is, that, according to the SBA, most businesses eventually fail and more than 50% do not survive beyond the first 3 years.

Even if You made it that far, things could still be completely wrong, many business owners inexperienced to know during the recession that struck us during the year 2009 in 2012.

So, does this mean that You should not start a business at all? Of course not. I believe that Your business can be successful if You approach it in the right way, avoid repeating previous mistakes and impose discipline on yourself as the owner. Here are some of my suggestions about how You can ensure that Your business succeed:


Let’s start with You. A successful business owner is a disciplined person and more often than not, businesses fail because their owners failed. Your business must compete for success. There is always someone out there, try to win more customers that You are targeting.

Business is competitive and if You do not intend to work hard and discipline yourself, then don’t go in to the arena. Wherever there is competition, there must be discipline. You could have the skills that are most unique, or the idea of the best product, but Your business will never reach its full potential, if You don’t have the discipline.

Discipline is the determination to work harAocewe.com –on occasions this time the admin will discuss about the 5 Keys to a Successful Business For Beginners, for more details more check out the discussion belowd to fix it. It is not settled for the results of mediocrity but more like the work until You achieve the quality and results You need to compete. No one will buy Your product if it is below the standard, or hire Your services if You can’t deliver what You promised.

The discipline of business requires an eye for detail. I learned a valuable lesson early on in my career. I’ve been asked to do a presentation finance to a senior executive and feel that because I know this, I can get by with a minimum amount of research and preparation. I went to a meeting and told my presentation were torn to shreds.

I can’t answer the question clearly and less convincing. I left the meeting angry and angry, not with the executive, but with myself and swear that this will never happen to me again. As a business owner you’re not going to get things right every time. You will make mistakes and mess-ups on occasion. But if the product or service You fail, don’t let because of the lack of effort and Discipline On Your part, or that You are too lazy to do it right.

Due Diligence:

“A fool and his money are soon parted”
“All that glitters is not gold” – William Shakespeare
“There’s a sucker born every minute” P. T. Barnum.

Greeting old is trying to warn us that not everything we think is an opportunity or a good business idea, it is likely to succeed. There are many con-artists out there, its main purpose is to fool you in making the financial commitment and rob people blind.

Therefore it is foolish on the part You don’t do your due diligence right on business ideas, franchise or entity You intend to buy or invest in. This is where a lot of business failures occur. From the beginning.

Due diligence is a serious problem for the start-up and running business. Large businesses that are successful are constantly doing “trial” on their internal processes (systems review, Business Process Improvement, Financial Planning and strategic planning) on any such encouragement or acceptance that they may ponder.

Start-ups have to do this too, before they invest significant funds. Be careful taking advice from people with interests that are given in your decision. For example, you may are considering investing in a franchise.

Do not rely only on the advice of the vendor of the franchise with the site polishers and a persuasive story, to tell You what a great opportunity this is and how much money You will make. Get independent advice and do your homework before you invest.

Many people start a business based on a personal passion. While this is a big factor for success, because Your passion drives You to overcome obstacles, it carries the risk of making business decisions with Your heart than Your head. Sometimes we are too close to the project to be objective and we become emotionally committed too early.

This is where an independent expert as a business coach or advisor is useful. Others there are who are in the midst, where his misdeeds are not excessive and his kindness was not much.most of the other there is God’s leave, do good precede the other.

“Faithful are the wounds of a friend” (Proverbs 27: 6). Finally, don’t be taken by people who pressure You to invest in “a once in a lifetime, limited space available” opportunity. Every time someone says that to me, I take a step back, and view the well, to see what I was missing about a quote. It is better to lose the chance “limited offer” than to rush and lose your money.


A well thought and researched marketing plan is one of the most important ingredients that You need to succeed as a business owner. Unless You happen to have the only source of water in the desert, don’t expect people to automatically think of You and come flocking to Your door to buy your product.

I work in a corporate career as a CFO for many years before going it alone. One of the biggest challenges I faced when I decided to start a business consultant myself, is how to market my services. That’s because, over the years, my work is about cleaning and cooking fish that other people got caught. All the business I work for, have big, better staff of the marketing department, whose job is to go out there and win customers.

My job is to manage money and make business decisions. That works better if You are a part of the business better structured. However, You are the owner of a small business, marketing is not the pursuit of a second to be left to other people, that is the main point of Your focus.

You may have a product or service is brilliant to offer, but if You don’t have a marketing plan that wins, no one will know about Your business or care about what You sell. So, if You are an owner of a small or big business, You should be involved and often encourage the marketing function. You need to know this:

What are the specific needs of my products or service meet?
Who are my customers, what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it?
How strong is the Demand for the Product or my service?
What service my product which makes it unique? How can I take advantage of this?
Who are My competitors and what they can do better than me?
How do I reach out to potential customers to persuade them to buy your product / service?
How much money is available to promote my Business?
What marketing activities special / promotion will work the best for me?

To answer this question other marketing will help You understand the customers of the product/service of the appeal and potential of the market and how it ranks against Your competitors’ offer. This became the foundation of Your marketing strategy and business plan and it is important for Your long-term success.


Raise sufficient capital to start and grow a business very often the biggest challenges that entrepreneurs face. I have seen many, potentially successful business, stalled because the owner does not have the capital to take it from the beginning, to the resistance.

A business needs capital to acquire productive assets and fund its operations until the business itself can generate adequate cash flow positive to continue as a concern. Let’s say for example, You decide to start a restaurant.

You will need the capital to buy cooking equipment, furniture, renovate a place to suit your needs, buy inventory, license safe and so on. This is what a lot of people understand of capital that can be used for, the initial investment to start or acquire a business.

But may take quite a long time for your Restaurant to become popular and attract enough clients to provide income to operating costs in full. In the mean time You have overhead to pay as the monthly rent, wages to employees, the cost of adverse, inventory (liquor You sell and ingredients of the food You serve) and so on.

This is where many businesses fail. The owners hope that the sales they generate in the future will cover the cost of their operations from the first day and not properly estimate the time it will take for the business to be established, for the owner of the need to have additional capital to bring in the business.


That’s the discussion about the 5 Keys to a Successful Business For Beginners hopefully this information can be useful and beneficial for all of yo.

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