A useful tool for the users Google Drive

A useful tool for the users Google Drive – Google Drive is quite popular and has made a significant impact on the technology market. However, this useful tool could be useful if only you know how to use it.

Use the space 100GB with a cost of $5/month along with the benefits of additional space 25GB is something that is fun. This comes at almost half the charge of the Dropbox for storage of 100GB.

There are third-party add-ons that you can use and the services that you can take advantage of. Let’s find out how:

Slide Google

Google Chrome app, Google Slides yet again in the form of a chrome app that allows work on joint projects and collaboration associated with presentation PPT.

Make a presentation in real time without limit the size of Your presentation represents yet another advantage of this App.

You’re given a variety of themes and animations to make a good business presentation. Tools such as editing and leave a comment cut the rope e-mail and conversation without end. This way You will be able to view, add and advise accordingly.

The best part is that You don’t need to save it manually every time a change is made, it is automatically saved in real-time.


This is not a good idea to leave Your private files online in the remote server. You should know the security issues that you might face. However, You still need to use the cloud for primary storage and backup service.

Using an encryption tool box on Your desktop at a time when create a folder Automatically. This helps encrypt Your files located in the folder of Your Google Drive.

With an encrypted box, You can easily encrypt folders and files as compared to other service acts only as a container. First, You need to create a folder and lock it with a password.

Then just drag and drop the file into that folder. Once you’re done, encryption tool that. If You want to access Your files in the folder, You need to launch the app, go to Your folder and enter your password..

In the case of a breach of security or unauthorized access to Your folder, the user will get an error message. All the contents of the file You hidden from view when the file name and format of the look.

The only thing to keep in mind is that You can only enter the password once; You don’t get a chance to reset. You have to be careful when creating your password or of Your files will be inaccessible forever.


IFTTT is a web-based service is free (if this then that) which is useful to automatically run your job in Google Drive.

IFTTT ‘ easy UI because it contains automation or recipes created by the user. This can be changed according to Your requirements.

You can easily change or copy them as per Your convenience. For example, You want to keep Your tweets in a CSV format on Your drive. For this, You need to launch Twitter and give permission for IFTTT to access Twitter.

After this, You need to adjust and authorize IFTTT to send Your Tweets to drive.


DriveTunes is a Google Chrome app that is useful to a music file that You have saved on Your Drive.

You can easily use this app if You install Google Chrome on Your system regardless of the version of the browser You use.

The application is able to automatically detect Your media files such as M4A and MP3 files stored in the drive. The list of files this media will be displayed for easy viewing. Hear the song you need to double-click it.

The UI of DriveTunes simple with basic functionality. This is designed for those who are confused with the application of music storage complex.

Open Drive

Open the Drive in handy when You need to find the file publicly available in Google Drive. It is like a tool Google Chrome extension that allows to search the file public.

In addition, You can even look for another drive such as Skydrive, Evernote, box and Dropbox and send them to drive on Your own. You need to remember that looking for additional services through the machine this search will take longer to show results.

You can download Your results or send the link to Your drive. If You can not find a particular document or item search then You can search for the support of the Google+ community.

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